When you have many stakeholders including hundreds, maybe thousands of individuals, it is natural to focus first on the groups. The stakeholder analysis is a good start. Even though it’s a simple and familiar tool, it’s a necessary practice. Once you have done the analysis, update it monthly.

Your change plan may take care of the stakeholder groups and define various happenings to them. In each group you have plenty of people with different backgrounds and expectations. One is curious about the change, one resists, one wants to plan it, and one wants to quit.

When you have created a basic change plan, try to

1. Walk through the plan with an individual’s perspective: What happens in each step, what do I know, how do I feel?

2. Add some elements to help individuals to be part of the change: polls, panel discussions, self-learning materials, voluntary workshops and skype clinics, Q&A’s etc. Make sure that these arrangements help a broad variety of individuals at different change curve phases: when they are excited, nervous, unsure, empowered, and so on.

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