In project management, it is obvious that you need to have a Project Manager, some project people and the necessary time allocated for them to accomplish their duties.

A project model is also very helpful in change projects. It helps you to identify the project roles and assignments needed. If you have a progressive project model, it gives you an efficient framework and roles for managing the change. Then you also get a clear picture what resources you need and how much. Unfortunately that is not always the case.

If your organization haven’t yet found out an effective way to manage change projects, it may be difficult to identify how much work has to be done before you reach the target.

Change leadership is partly invisible. In engineering you can calculate everything, but there are no exact calculations for how people will relate to your change. Of course there are many ways to draw them in.

If you have an interactive venue you don’t necessarily see any immediate results after having it. Maybe something however happened in people’s heads: understanding may increased, some difficult questions been solved or new point of views introduced.

Because of the invisible part of the change, the effort for the change is unfortunately easy to prioritize away by them who don’t understand how to lead the change. That’s why it even more important to project the change and give clear estimates for assignments and resource allocations needed. 

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