Almost every time when a change drifts towards big difficulties, you find out that there are actions that haven’t been taken properly or in time. Hindsight is easy but how do you prevent this situation in advance?

The number one rule is clarity. Before you launch a change, try to formulate exactly what actions are expected from different roles. Usually the CRUX of Change is that simple: people don’t know what to do and how to do it.

Start from the target state and describe first the working procedures after a change. Process with every stakeholder group or role whose operation is about to change. The more detailed description you can provide, the better. I have never seen an overly detailed explanation of a new operation model!

Pay attention to the clarity and unambiguousness of the description. When possible, take representatives for each role and finish the operation model together in detail. This way you also prevent any mistakes that prevent the work being done in a defined manner.

If your change is big, reaching the target state may take years. I that case, you have to divide the plan into phases, just like in program models.

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