“How to…” Section of IDEAS

…is describing a challenge and gives an example of solution in practice.


The IDEA in brief 

Managing and following the benefits creation is a crucial part of reaching the target state of the change project.


Here are some questions to reflect on:

  • Have you divided the business case target values to the business units, preferably per supervisor?
  • Have you identified what daily actions are needed per role for reaching the business case benefits?
  • Have you linked the benefit monitoring to the daily management system? Is the follow-up regularly in the agendas?
  • Have you defined what happens if some unit is not achieving their target benefits on monthly basis?
  • How long does the Project follow the benefit creation?
  • Is the Project steering group running until the benefits creation is ensured?
  • Is the measuring linked to the Project management model somehow? 

Photo by Matthew Wiebe

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