“From Theory to Practice” Section of IDEAS

…is pointing out one IDEA at the time. The source of the IDEA is often an Article or Blog, which is also referenced in this text.

The purpose here is NOT getting the core idea of the article. Instead of that we are seeking for one single idea or an interesting point of view. The second part of this note is putting the idea into practice.


The IDEA in brief 

“The focus of the Change Message should be evolutionary, not revolutionary”

The point here is to avoid the judgment of previous work, like an revolutionary message implies. Instead of that, use an evolutionary message which builds the change over to successes of the past.

I found this idea from the article Leadership Strategies for Making Change Stick (The Ken Blanchard Companies 2008). The point of the article is to figure out the simple steps which prevent changes to fail.

How to put the IDEA into PRACTICE

The article predicts that even an evolutionary change can evoke some resistance. To decrease this effect you should stick your message of change needs, but be more flexible with “how to get there” part.

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