According to studies of Ken Blanchard Companies, 29 % of changes are launched without any formal structure. These changes are often led by leadership teams, who don’t use proven change models and processes. Even when they lack solid internal change leadership capacity, they won’t seek outside expertise.

The art of project management is advanced and most of the companies have adequate processes and tools to run their projects efficiently. The next step is to create a similar, reliable approach for managing the change initiatives.

Any company needs to have a solid change approach

Capability to change will be essential in the near future for any company who wants to survive in the competition. If the change initiatives are poorly led, they make things much worse. That will affect seriously the customers, employees and operations.

7 Questions about Change Capability
  1. Do you have effective methods for prioritizing the change initiatives?
  2. Can you keep track of dependencies between different change initiatives?
  3. Do you have adequate change & transformation competences?
  4. Is your change approach fit with the management system of the company?
  5. Is your change approach fit with the project model of the company?
  6. Have you defined clearly your generic roles and responsibilities during the changes?
  7. Are you able to describe in any moment, how the different change initiatives affect a single supervisor or frontline employee?

If any answer to these questions is no, you might still have some necessary steps to do. A solid change approach helps you to be proactive instead of reactive. It provides a shared framework what needs to be happen and why.

Building the change approach is hard work, but luckily increasing numbers of the companies are in this path. Are you?


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Photo by Mike Kononov / Unsplash

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