An experienced change professional may find a profound change logic under the surface. This logic is defined by common features occurring in every change project. It could be called a Change Model. It’s like a solid concept or library where you can attach any new information you learn about leading changes.

When planning a new change project, an existing change model in change professional’s head can be very helpful. It helps him/her to ask the right questions, but does it give all the answers? Of course not.

The change model gives structure to the planning, but it’s only the beginning. Every change happens in certain circumstances and between specific human beings. It always requires a thorough deliberation of that particular case.

So how to get the right answers on what to do? The quality of change leadership depends on how many wise people are connecting their understanding of the situation and their former life experience on human behavior.

When someone brings the Change Model to the table, it doesn’t make him/her a change guru. True change experts are skilled co-operation generators. They get the most out of the people surrounding them and find the answers together. Leading change is always collaboration.

In other words: don’t ever stop listening those around you. A true change expert is humble and open– always scanning new perspectives and ideas around her/him.

Always be RECEPTIVE!


Photo: Maher-El-Aridi


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