One of the major problems with change management is the lack of clarity.

First of all, the change plan is not at all so clear cut. There’s so many stakeholders, interests, dates and dependencies. It’s like thousands of remarkable things. Who is brave enough to guess the necessary steps?

I have seen many times the relation between unclear plans and slow movement. People are wise. They don’t want to waste their energy to a messy project because they are not sure if it’s worth the effort. So you need a change plan – a clear one. But how?

People are nowadays also lazy. There’s so much information available that one can choose which content is worth to study further. Anything inconvenient may remain intact. Any long email, busy website, complicated survey or difficult expression will loose the fight of attention. The user interface should be intuitive and crystal clear, otherwise it’s of no use.

In this content-crowded world simple models are the most wanted. If you can present a plan which is lightweight, comprehensible and effective, you will have credit. Introduce few powerful steps and implement them carefully, instead of countless actions and details.

In my experience I have noticed that the clarity often comes after an overall consideration. First I think about all the details and then pick the most meaningful steps. The change plan ready for implementation is explicit and unambiguous. It defines clear actions and responsibilities at the correct timeline. Less is really more.

Always be CLEAR!


Photo By Adam Jaime

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