In each encounter we have power to decide: will I inspire other or discourage her? Every time you encourage someone, she will grow and use her potential more. That might be a win-win experience to both of you.

One of my favorite leadership theories is Amabile’s and Kramer’s Progress Theory. It says that making progress in meaningful work enhances motivation. Central component of performance is “a quality of person’s inner work life – the mix of emotions, motivations and perceptions over the course of a workday.” Even the smallest events during the workday have a positive or negative impact on someone’s Inner Work Life and motivation.

I believe there’s so many people around us hunger for positive feedback. And there is too many people who criticize others in wrong way.

When you have learned a lot, be grateful and share it. Helping others to grow and seeing their potential is power to the people: everyone’s a potential winner.


Photo by Kazuend

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